About Us

United Way of Dunn County works to provide solutions for issues that our community faces. We offer the community what no other entity, organization, governmental body, or institution can: a way for citizens to join with others to identify the human care issues that matter most, to develop a plan, and to get results. Simply put, it is helping people in Dunn County by making every contribution count.

We are committed to demonstrating why United Way is the best method to invest in the future of our community, while positively impacting the lives of people within our county. We are each a part of the United Way. Whether you are a donor, a volunteer, or someone who has received services through a United Way funded program, you are the United Way!


We don't do this work alone

We’ve been working in our community for 50+ years, and have witnessed the transformational power of working together. Through our partnerships with corporations, nonprofits, donors, volunteers and community minded leaders, we collectively build a stronger hometown.