Frequently Asked Questions

» What is United Way?
Your United Way is an important funding source and community problem solver. United Way's objective is to eliminate the effort and cost of many separate fund raising campaigns by conducting one annual campaign.
» Does United Way really make a difference in Dunn County?

Your United Way raises and distributes funds to more than 28 health and human service agencies and programs. It makes your contribution more effective because one campaign is more efficient than many separate campaigns. That means your gift helps more people. Your United Way gift will help meet community needs like:

  • Steering children away from drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, and juvenile delinquency.
  • Providing food, shelter, and clothing to individuals and families in need.
  • Providing adults with one-to-one literacy tutoring and families with literacy education to break the inter-generational cycle of illiteracy.
» How much of what I give is for programs?
United Way spends less than eleven cents of every dollar for campaign and administrative expenses. An independent audit of United Way's finances is conducted each year by a local accounting firm.
» Who runs the United Way?
You do. United Way is run by volunteers who live in Dunn County. They decide the campaign goal, which programs should receive funding, and how much each agency should receive. They review United Way's monthly operations, and serve on the Board of Directors. A paid staff of one full time employee provides support and continuity. Approximately fifty volunteers participate in the annual campaign.
» Why should I give? I never use these services.
You may not use any services now, but can you be sure you never will? Look at the range of services provided by United Way program partners. Most of us, or one of our family members, will utilize at least one of them sometime in our lives. As community members, we need to work together to make our community stronger. United Way Program Partners or Member Agencies, are meeting the needs of thousands of people in our area.
» My brother needed help from a United Way Agency but didn't get it.
Perhaps he went to an agency that did not provide the services he needed, or perhaps he did not qualify for services under that agency's guidelines. Most agencies refer individuals they cannot help to agencies that can. Your campaign brochure lists the programs provided by our partner agencies.
» How much should I give?
No one can tell you how much to give. Only you can decide. United Way respects your right to choose what you give. Many people give one hour's pay per month. Remember, your one-time pledge will be spread to more than 25 programs, so please give it the consideration it deserves.
» What if I can only afford a small gift?
No gift is too "small." Every dollar counts. Small gifts really add up. For example: Giving just $2 weekly via payroll deduction (the price of three cans of pop per week) adds up to $104 per year. and, when thousands of "small" gifts are added together, they make a tremendous impact.
» Are both members of a household asked to contribute?
Ideally, each person who has a job could contribute. The United Way plan is to give where you work. A direct mail campaign is done to contact those people working outside of Dunn County or may not have a campaign at their workplace.
» I am always being asked to give.
United Way asks for funds just once each year - through the Annual Community Campaign. Your one gift - pledged just once each year - helps more than 25 programs. However, we encourage companies to conduct year-round awareness activities to show United Way is doing more in the community than just raising money. Your gift to United Way is changing lives every day of the year.
» I already bought cookies and popcorn.
Most United Way Affiliated Agencies receive only a portion of their support from the United Way. Cookie and popcorn sales or other means are sometimes used to increase the income of those agencies.
» Why do we need United Way? Isn't that why we pay taxes?
Government funding provides a large portion of many affiliated agencies' budgets, but government resources are becoming more scarce. In addition, most federal and state funding requires the agencies to match certain percentages of the government funding with local funds. Many agencies use United Way funding as the local matching funds, which means your donation is maximized. Your United Way gift helps the agencies access hundreds of thousands of state and federal dollars.
» I don't have any spare cash right now.

Payroll deduction is the most convenient method available for you to help meet the needs in your community. In most cases, it's easier for people to contribute a small amount each pay period than all at once. Other options include:

  • Direct Bill - United Way can bill you quarterly or any way you choose;
  • Credit Card - United Way accepts MasterCard and VISA; and
  • Gift of Securities - Employees may see tax savings by donating gifts of appreciated securities or property. Please contact United Way before initiating any transfers of ownership.
» Are Labor and Management behind the United Way?
Yes, labor organizations work hand-in-hand with management to make United Way the largest single voluntary effort in the nation. Union groups officially support the annual campaign with volunteer help and funds. Many people in Dunn County area labor unions are involved in all levels of the volunteer leadership of United Way and its affiliated agencies.
» How do I get in touch with my area's local office?

Call 715-235-3800 or Email us if your question is not answered here or elsewhere on this Web Site.