To download a copy of the 2018-2019 funding application, please click here and save to your computer:

Program Partner Application Checklist 2018-2019

Please reivew/print the below information to aid you in your funding application.  


The United Way of Dunn County grant application includes the following components as described below.  This checklist is intended to help ensure a complete proposal, but will not be submitted with the grant application.  As there have been changes to the grant application, it is important that you review the application and required materials before completion.  The online grant application is not able to be saved and must be completed at the time that information is supplied.  The online application can be found at and will be available from January 15-February 15, 2018.  No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.

A Grantwriting 101 seminar is offered by the Community Foundation of Dunn County along with the United Way of Dunn County and will take place on Thursday, January 4, 2018.  More information can be found at:  This is a great opportunity for first-time grant writers or those who are looking to brush up on their grant-writing skills.  This is a free event and highly encouraged as we will provide tips and dos and don'ts regarding grant applications and narratives.


  • Section I: Organization Information
    • This will include basic contact information for the organization applying for funding.  Please be sure to include both your mailing and physical address.
    • The organization background information, type and mission statement will be requested.
    • Required attachments will include an IRS determination letter, a current Board of Directors and Officers roster and a one-page cover letter. 
      • Begin the cover letter with the purpose of the grant request and a brief description of how the request fits with at least one of the priorities of the United Way of Dunn County.  The priorities are:

Impact Area – Education

  • Help children be prepared to learn when they enter school and beyond
  • Help youth stay in school, successfully
  • Help students achieve better grades
  • Help youth graduate from high school and increase graduation rates
  • Help youth attend higher education and learn about educational opportunities


Impact Area – Health

  • Help people access affordable, quality health care (mental and physical)
  • Help people make healthy choices


Impact Area – Financial Stability

  • Help families and individuals live within their means
  • Help families and individuals become self-sufficient
  • Help families and individuals earn a livable wage
  • Help families and individuals be able to save money
  • Help families and individuals with money management
  • Help youth understand financial responsibility
  • Help families and individuals find consistent employment




  • Section II: Contact Information
    • This will include direct contact information for the CEO/Executive Director AND the Chief Volunteer (Board President/Chair). 




  • Section III: Application Request Information
    • This will include the grant year (2017/2018).  The grant year is consistent with the United Way of Dunn County’s fiscal year, which runs from July 1 – June 30.
    • Please include the total amount for the entirety of the request, all programs included.
    • Please include an updated list of community partnerships that are inclusive of the program you are requesting monies for.
    • Required uploads will include an anti-discrimination policy and a signed anti-terrorism form. 


  • Program information is required for each individual program.  Note that different services may be listed as different programs if their goals/outcomes or impact populations differ.  Program information will current program information or anticipated program information if this is a new program.  Here is a breakdown of required program information:


  • Title of the program
  • United Way focus area addresses by the program
  • Full program description
  • Program Need
  • Goals/Outcomes
  • Evidence that goals have been met and if a new program, how evaluations will take place
  • Funding amount requested for this individual program, along with a budget breakdown for funding and how it will be used.
  • Detail of activities to be covered by awarded funds.
  • Populations served information (If this is a new program, include anticipated quantities)
    • Male/Female, Ages
    • Number of economically disadvantaged program participants
    • Total number served by the program
    • $Cost per individual
    • %Grant direct service
    • %Grant administrative cost/operational
    • Number of volunteers engaged with the program
    • Geographic areas served by program (must include townships, cities, villages)


  • There is room to list 4 programs.  If you are applying for funding for more than 4 programs, please contact our office.


  • Section IV: Financial Information
    • This information is for the organization as a whole, not an individual program. 
    • Required attachments will include: 2017/2018 organization budget, previous year-end balance sheet, previous year-end profit & loss statement and your most current 990 (must be fewer than 2 years old). 
    • The financial information section will also request a year-end financial narrative as well as a listing of other grants received other sources of funding, a list of $5,000 + donors, and a total number of organization volunteers.
    • If there are any pending lawsuits against your organization, you will be asked to provide lawsuit circumstances. 
    • Financial information is mandatory.  Any missing information will result in an incomplete application.