What is the United Way Campaign?  How can I help?

Autumn is in the air, football season is underway, and it's time again for another fall classic: United Way's annual campaign. Since 1965, thanks to the unfailing generosity of thousands of local donors, United Way has been a reliable financial supporter of services for Dunn County residents, working continually to advance the common good. Local organizations in Dunn County have been able to count on funding from United Way. This reliability meant that many organizations could keep the lights on and their offices functioning even as other funding has waxed and waned. United Way has been a solid partner for decades.

In addition to helping to fund local organizations, United Way has leveraged its connections within and beyond the county to help create solutions to local problems. Sometimes leading, sometimes following, United Way has been there. It was there when so many local residents needed furniture, appliances and housewares that other residents were throwing out. The result: United Way's C-3 Center. It was there when the opportunity arose to funnel corporations' overstock and discontinued items to local agencies and individuals. The result: tens of thousands of dollars worth of gifts in kind.

It was there when many groups saw the need for a free, 24/7 information and referral resource for our county. The result: 2-1-1 came to Dunn County.

With your help, United Way will continue to be there, providing vital funding for programs serving local residents, as well as bringing people together to solve emerging problems. You can donate through your workplace campaign, or by clicking on the "Give" button. Thanks to you, United Way is there for everyone.

The United Way campaign allows us to engage our organization with local individuals and businesses, urging them to take action to help us achieve our mission.  Thorugh financial contributions and generosity of time through volunteerism, we can impact our community.  

Although the campaign starts in the fall, your help is needed all year long.  Please consider giving a contribution through our online giving site, where you have the option to give a one-time gift or a recurring montly donation.  You can help us make a difference, you can LIVE UNITED!

Click here to donate today!