When We Live United® We Help Build a Better Community

Your gift to the United Way of Dunn County creates positive change. It provides individuals and families with skills and resources to better themselves and their family. It provides resources and interventions for individuals to utilize during a time of crisis and need. 

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Mary Smith family John and Angie

Mary's Story

Smith's Family Story

John and Angie's Story

She Gets a Fresh Start

Youth not afforded many opportunities in Dunn County area, caught a break after United Way began accepting transition workers from a temporary job program. She feels United Way has not only provided her with, but has placed her in a caring atmosphere that builds character and compassion with every task completed.

He is Ready for Work

"My husband lost his job, we had to move and have lost everything except each other and our children. It is comforting to know that until we get back on our feet, we have the food pantry to carry us through and put food on the table."

They Remain at Home

"Without the assistance provided by Homeless Prevention staff, I could have been homeless. The program worked with me to develop goals and strategies to achieve long term housing."

Last year alone, the program was able to provide housing services to 76 Dunn County households.