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10 reasons you should consider a gift to the United Way of Dunn County


United Way is results oriented. Programs are funded based on results. United Way helps people become self-sufficient members of our community. We address today’s needs and work to reduce tomorrow’s.


United Way is local. Contributions stay in our community. The Board of Directors is made up of local volunteer leaders who make the decisions about where funds can do the most good.


United Way helps the most people. Services funded by United Way have a broad reach.


United Way campaigns are fun. United Way campaigns are fun, build morale, and strengthen teams. Running a campaign is an efficient use of resources.


United Way brings us together. United Way brings together business, government, education, and social services to address community needs.


United Way inspires people to do more. Everyone feels good about giving, knowing that their donations directly help those who need help the most.


United Way cares about our community. United Way focuses on people and issues close to us: food, housing, health care, emergency services, children and youth, employment, people with disabilities, and older adults.


United Way is efficient. Low administrative and fundraising costs means more money goes to services in the community. Donations are wisely invested in high-quality, results-oriented programs.


United Way is a dependable partner. For more than 50 years, the United Way of Dunn County has been here, working with you to improve people’s lives. We want all of our neighbors to enjoy the quality of life that comes from a caring community.


United Way – It’s the right thing to do. Simply put, giving to United Way is the right thing to do. Your contributions ensure that people have an opportunity to break cycles of poverty, violence, and hopelessness and replace them with self-sufficiency, security, and hope.


IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL USERS OF THIS PAGE:  PayPal is made available as an alternative for those who are not able to make a regular pledge or contribute through payroll deduction. PayPal donations are among the most secure on the Web. Please provide complete contact information with your donation to help assure deductibility and allow us to contact you if necessary.  

No goods or services are given in return for contributions. The entire contribution is tax deductible as allowed by law. If a single payment of $250 or more is made, United Way will issue a receipt for Tax Purposes. Donor information is kept strictly confidential unless you authorize us otherwise. If you wish to designate all or part of your donation to a specific program partner, please list program partner name(s) and amount(s) or percentage(s) in the Comments box on the PayPal forms. Thank You!